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About me

I started crafting from my childhood days, because my father always encouraged me and my brothers to do so. I started crafting more seriously in 2012. While I didn’t do any professional crafts courses, I have a natural feeling for it. I learned the skill on my own through trial and error and eventually became perfect in it. Now with close to a decade of experience I can craft and create almost anything a user wants to.

Crafts on request

Custom crafts are the best! When browsing products, you can choose for various options, but do not hesitate reaching out to me if you want to customize the product even more! You can even suggest and/or request products that aren’t on the website! After you made the purchase, I will start crafting, which may take a couple of weeks, depending on how busy I am.

Pay with $NOLE, get a discount!

You can make payments via this website using different cryptocurrencies. However, I prefer you to pay me directly in $NOLE. This cannot be done via the site and you will have to contact me on Telegram.

I will give you 3% off if you pay with $NOLE!

Are you part of the NoleCoin VIP group? Then I will give you an additional 2% off.

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